HEADLINE WRITING: 9 Questions to Ask Before You Hit Publish

HEADLINE WRITING: 9 Questions to Ask Before You Hit Publish

Learn what questions you need to ask your headline to make sure it gets read and clicked on. In this video, I’ll share the only headline formula you’ll ever need. I won’t just give you a structure, but also explain why it works. Plus, I provide tons of examples of great headlines!

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Odd numbers work: https://medium.com/i-data/29-reasons-youre-reading-this-article-fbf4671327e3#.q6fsvw16h
Sensory words: https://www.readstoleads.com/sensory-words
Power words: https://www.readstoleads.com/power-words
Best copywriting formulas: https://www.readstoleads.com/blog-article/best-copywriting-formulas
Problem-focused copywriting frameworks: https://www.readstoleads.com/blog-article/8-problem-focused-copywriting-frameworks


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